Our Aim

Our aim is to tackle two problems: isolation and barriers to mobility.

We envision an innovative multi-unit building or several floors in a larger project –  a complete community including people of any age or ability, where nobody becomes homeless due to an accident or illness.  If need arises for personal care, in-home services can be arranged.  It is our hope that this pilot project will be replicated by others across Canada.

Age-Friendly Communities make life easier for everyone.  We all make use of curb cuts and automatic door-openers. So too, we can all benefit from barrier-free design in housing. Universal design aims to create housing which could be used by everyone regardless of ability.

Our first project will be a condominium because that is what funding is available for at present.  When (and if) funding becomes available for a rental project, we hope to create a rental community.

Units will first be offered for sale to Unitarians, but people of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities will be welcome.