Living in Place Campaign

“Living in Place”©, a campaign of the Older Women’s Network housing
committee, advocates that federal and provincial building codes be changed to
require that all units in new multi-unit residential buildings be entirely universal
Disabilities play no favourites. Anyone can have been born with a disability, and
anyone of any age can be struck by illness or accident which creates a
temporary or lasting injury.
Universal design will accommodate anyone of any age or ability, going beyond
mere accessibility. It demonstrates an underlying commitment to including as
wide a range of users as possible.
Barrier-free housing should be a human right. Age-ism and able-ism are the last
frontiers of discrimination.
The Living in Place© campaign has been endorsed by Toronto City Council. As
Mayor John Tory says of the proposal to make all new apartments universal
design: “It’s a no-brainer.”
As the next step in the campaign, the Older Women’s Network is calling on
everyone to write to their provincial and federal politicians, urging the change in
the Building Codes.
Learn more: Thea Kurdi, an Architectural Accessibility and Universal Design
Specialist, explains