Housing is a human right.

The need for accessible affordable housing is a crisis.     22% of Canadians have a disability.

Endorse the call to change the Ontario and National Building Codes to make universal design mandatory in all new multi-unit residential buildings.

Universal design will accommodate anyone of any age or ability.

The cost is less than 1% more when planned from the design stage.

Accessible housing keeps people out of long term care, saving millions of healthcare dollars.

There is no Ontario law requiring that housing be accessible.
The AODA does not mention housing.
The Ontario Building Code only requires that 15% of new apartments be “visitable”, not accessible enough to live there.

Make it mandatory that all new housing that any level of government funds be universal design.  No tax dollars should ever create housing barriers.


#accesselfie   and   #accessivote  

You’ve heard of a “selfie” – Maybe you’ve even taken one of yourself. If you (or a friend) use any sort of mobility aid, whether a cane, a walker, a wheelchair or something else, we’re asking you to take an “accesselfie” and post it on Twitter, Facebook, in an email or some other social media with the hashtag #accesselfie and a comment about the need for accessible housing. For example: If housing is a human right, why doesn’t that include people who use wheelchairs? Change the Building Code.  #accesselfie     Remember #accessivote

Here’s one already posted:
Life is difficult enough when you have a disability. We need accessible housing. #accesselfie Let’s change the Building Code to require that all new housing be universal design. Remember #accessivote