Unitarian Commons is an incorporated non-profit organization founded by members from four Unitarian congregations in the Toronto Area.

Unitarian Commons has a potential opportunity to build our first fully accessible co-housing project in downtown Toronto.   The developer needs to get an idea of how many buyers would like units of various sizes and prices.

Our current survey brings you some of the  information you may be wanting, and helps us gather the statistics needed by this and other builders.

If you have not already done so, please complete this brief survey.  While we have shared preliminary data with this developer, we continue to compile updates as more people respond.  This will help us to grow our first fully accessible co-housing community for people of all ages and abilities
(Note, the developer receives only numbers – no identifying information about any individuals).

Even if you are undecided, please complete a survey as it will help us understand our members’ needs as we continue to consider future sites.

We will add all respondents to our mailing list unless you tell us otherwise.

Following compilation of the survey results, we will be offering a meeting to update everyone interested:  survey results and current information on potential projects.


Click here to go to the survey.

Thank you!
The Unitarian Commons Team


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