iStock_000018169420LargeUnitarian Commons Background

Unitarian Commons is the vision of seven Unitarian Universalists in Toronto who, as we entered our 60’s and 70’s, began to consider the kind of place in which we might like to live when we had lost our zeal for shoveling snow and raking leaves.

We thought about aging in place in our existing homes and also about creating an intentional community where residents might find a balance between individual privacy and sharing work and ideas with interesting companions.

The idea of a fully accessible complex for individuals and families of all ages took root in our imaginations. We wanted a place where both the building and the philosophy fostered a vital, caring, creative community. We think there are others in Toronto who share this vision.

Comfortable, affordable, accessible homes in an intentional community for people of all ages.


  • Unitarian Commons intends to be at the leading edge of accessible housing design in Ontario.
  • Unitarian Commons will include an element of cohousing, tailored to the Unitarians and friends of all ages who choose to live in our fully barrier-free building.

Who We Are

  • A small group of Unitarians and Universalists working together
  • Creating affordable, accessible homes open for everyone
  • Fostering community by including shared common areas.

Ownership & Administration of the Housing

The ownership will be condominium with an elected board.
The administration of the housing will be part of the life of Unitarian Commons.

Common Areas Central to the Life of the Building

  • Natural traffic flow of the residents will lead to Common Areas
  • The design will support and encourage the common life within the building.
  • Unitarian Commons will invite friendships with our neighbours through the way the building relates to the street and to the other residents.

Private and Public Spaces

  • Apartments in our 20 – 40 unit building will average 800 sq ft with a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and one or two bedrooms.
  • We hope to include a common dining room and community room with porches and gardens.
  • All common areas and all units will be barrier-free.

Environmentally Responsible & Energy Efficient design will aim to be energy efficient and using environmentally responsible materials. The garden will be designed with organic vegetable bed for residents to plant and tend.